English Literature: The Great War In The 20th Century

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English literature works as an instrument that covers the major issues through the ages. The 20th century witnessed two revolutionary warfare that impacted the field of literature to a great extent. The social upbringing of ideologies like nationalism and human welfare formed a separate dominant genre in literature. This literature movement was propagated through various incentives that emerged through the social or international struggle. The emotional collapse and turmoil that took shape during these wars demanded the element of emotional relief and literature helped with the flow of such psychological barriers. This paper will deal with a critical approach to understand the literal works that came up during the time period; there are various mindsets that evolved into revolutions through linguistic propagation.…show more content…
People who were not writers at the time started writing about their own experiences of loss of lives and insanity. The economic and political situations changed drastically especially in the powerful countries. Various people from various parts of the world were documenting their experiences, be it in the form of journals, articles and poems. The documentations begin from as early as the First World War in 1914, which inspired enormous amounts of poetry and fiction. In Flanders Fields (1915) by John McCrae and My Boy Jack (1915) by Rudyard Kipling, and The Diary of Anne Frank, documentation by a young girl suffering due to her race are instrumental sources when one talks about the grievances faced by the commoners due to the
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