English Memoir Essay On A Mystical Family Trip To Africa

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English Memoir:
I went on a mystical family trip to Africa. We were planning on going to Kenya for a safari. On the night of the flight, my family and I, woke up at seven p.m, only to realize that our flight was at eight. So my mom started to freak out and told my brothers and I “You [all] better be ready in ten minutes or else I'm leaving!”. She told me to wash my face and get dressed because she was not going to wait for anybody. After I got dressed and did my final checks, we left the house. My father drove us to the airport. On our way, we got stuck in traffic, and my father started to swear loudly. The traffic was so dense, that the cars on the highway did not move. That stupid highway, was the only way to the airport. After we made it through the annoying
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As we were driving, I opened the windows and stuck my head out, and smelled the fresh air which smelled like heaven. I felt alive, young, and free. I saw many animals such as giraffes, lions, cheetahs, and elephants. They were all acting so casually, as if we weren't even there which calmed me. I wanted to run away and live with them. I loved how they were free and not trapped in a terrible human society, unlike me. We stopped to take pictures, and lion was staring at us while feasting on its prey. It started to growl at us. Moments later, it attacked the minivan, so we all started to panic and scream, loudly. The driver immediately started the car, and drove away. I noticed that the animals we running away too. I could feel the fear in my mother as she gripped onto my hand. After we got out of the minivan, we took a taxi back to the hotel. We all went to bed, without a speaking word to each other after that terrifying moment. Before I closed my eyes, my mother told everyone that we are going to skip the mountain hike tomorrow “to narrow our chances of dieing.”. I could tell my mom was significantly traumatized by this event. The next day, she told us to pack our bags because, she booked us a
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