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The major stylistic and linguistic experiments have been made in the Indian novels in English of this period can be noticed in diction or literal paraphrase of idioms, in grammar or in the structure of sentences. Further in the use of conversation, employment of rich images, presentation of more modern and western devices as symbolism and irony, these novelists real an idiosyncratic character and different coloring. We see a marked modify in the technique of the novels written in this period. The novelists writing before nineteen thirties looked for their traditional western models and were mainly influenced by their British counter parts in their concepts of plot, characterization, and other stylistic devices. But the writers from nineteen…show more content…
The Indian novelists in English, by using various linguistic and stylistic devices, have succeeded in infusing the rhythm of Indian languages into English and in assigning the Indian sensibility. Their language items form Indian thought and imagery and acquire a distinctive identity and elasticity. In the words of Prof. Gokak, Indian English Literature represents the evolution of a distinct standard, the body of which is English but whose soul is Indian in color, thought and imagery. There are different opinions regarding this experimentation in the style. Meenakshi Mukherjee states that the style is not integral to the author’s point of view but something added to the material like ‘icing on the cake or embroidery on a sari’. Further she writes: ‘No amount of experimentation with style, no amount of mindful innovations will succeed in fiction unless it has certainty in the context of the particular theme the novel deals…show more content…
The credit goes to his management skills, growing of thousands of new private engineering colleges necessitating his mastery over simple past tense, his justification of depraved instinctive human acts in garb of new age realism and above all one term from great Hindu philosophy called Prarabdh- Throw a lucky man into the sea, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth. Since the phrase, the bestseller English language author has become the similar to Chetan Bhagat. The legend deserves some critical attention and assessment as the master of sentiments of young generation, a name and place, both in the hearts of their sweet hearts and in society. His five novels Five Point Someone, The Three Mistakes of My Llife and One Night @the Call Centre, Two States of my Marriage Life and Revolution 2020 have adventure, romance, background music, expert comments on social, political and education systems. This writing style is now known as one of the important innovations taking place in the field of novel writing. Chetan Bhagat has been defining the literary taste of maturing book lovers since the publication of his first novel Five Point Someone in the year

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