English Proficiency In The Philippines

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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION In 2010, a study conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) ranked the Philippines as the 35th best country in the world for English proficiency based on scores on Test of English as A Foreign Language or TOEFL. They ranked a total of 163 countries, and the Philippines was only the third Asian country on the top 50 of the list, with the other two being Singapore (3rd) and India (19th). This, according to an Op-Ed on the Huffington Post, is due mostly to the early and efficient English language education in the country. Despite the country’s reputation as a one of the best countries in Asia for speaking English, and despite it being its official second language – the primary language used in the academe, business, government functions, and even legislations – the level of English proficiency amongst students in the tertiary level shows a different story. Several studies have shown that the level of English proficiency of Filipino college students are lower than expected despite the fact that English is taught from the very first year of education, pre-primary school. And this is troubling, since English has become a cornerstone of the human race. As the language used in both the scientific world, as the business world, English has become an absolute must to master. Students nowadays are expected to write, read and analyze in English with great precision. They need to conduct research, speak their minds and listen to others in this same

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