English Reading Challenges

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Challenges of English Orthography and Reading Various difficulties have been noted concerning the manner in which children learn how to read and write. According to Hanley (2010), kids are exposed to different patterns of spelling and writing in the English language that can be attributed by diverse perspectives. Such a provision necessitates for the recognition of the English writing system to help a child improve on their write words through the letter-sound correspondences. Through the recognition of the letter-sound system in writing, the relationship between spoken and written English will be established. The challenges of demonstrating correct spelling will be realized through the determination of the advantages and disadvantages of the…show more content…
For instance, some learn how to read and write, while they do not understand the meaning of what they read or write. Such a consideration is useful in understanding the relationship between spoken and written English. The development of spoken language is vital in the development of writing skills in the same language, which makes learning easier for children who have already acquired certain aspects of speech in regards to the language, as native speakers are likely to learn how to write faster than English second-language learners. In such regard, the ability of a kid to develop sense out of English, build a vocabulary, produce English sounds, understand the association between letters and sound is key to the development of verbal grammar, sentence structure, and organization of ideas among others (Venezky, 1970). Therefore, the failure of an English learner to demonstrate some oral skills as described will have an impact on their reading and writing abilities since difficulties will be indicated in the areas regardless of the subject. Thus, a mutual relationship exists between spoken and written…show more content…
Through the approach, reading has to be a secondary environment that is automated and accurate in interpretation. The functionality of the human brain in the processing information to be read is an essential skill that needs practice to enhance comprehension and mastery. Writing skill is associated with a specific linguistic syntax based on sound and meaning, which makes it technologically superior to other forms of scripts, like speech since it is the exact transcription of a spoken word. The cognitive aspects of literacy focus on its importance at an advanced level in the society that requires oral competencies combined with reading and writing to develop literacy as a

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