English Reflection Essay

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I truly enjoyed taking the English 1302 class with you, thanks for making this class easy and not stressful. During my High School year, I hated to take English because my grammar is bad, however, this class has allowed me to stress less over my grammar and focus more on my arguments. In addition, every discussion and journal have helped me learned how to think critically when analyzing poems and stories. Thanks for being an attentive professor. Which essay was your strongest? Why? Which was your weakest? Why? Writing an argument essay was a challenge to me, I never understood the difference between ethos and logos during my English 1301. In addition, I did not know where to find good resources to back up my arguments. I think my arguments essay was more like a persuasive essay and that is why I did not enjoy writing this essay. On the other hand, I did enjoyed writing a critical essay for “We are Seven” by William Wordsworth. I loved to read this poem because it was easy to understand .It was cool when Mr. Molina a Karen read out loud this poem, maybe that is why I loved this story because I was able to imagine them as the characters from the poem. How would you revise your essays if you had more time? If I had more time to revise my essays I would look back to my arguments and check to see if the sources that I used are valid and relatable to my sentence. Sometimes I get writer’s block and so I just whatever comes to my mind, even if it does not make sense. This

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