English Reflection Essay

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Throughout the entire course of English 101, I have had a surprising amount of successes. My writing overall has become significantly better; even to the point where my parents and others have seen a noticeable changes and complimented me. This says a lot about the opportunities and development you can receive from taking this course if you take it serious.

Prior to this course I have always struggled to understand the contexts and learning processes associated with english. All of the brief lessons accomplished in class have shown to be successful by providing me with a complete sense of better understanding. I was never familiar with the acronym of PACT and learning this has completely benefited my writing. It has taught me to explain the purpose, appeal to the audience, focus on using proper contexts, and finally analyzing any trouble spots.

My understanding of needed rules and conventions has improved and I am now familiar with how to properly use MLA formatting. It is somewhat similar to APA which I have used in the past, but has some contrasting differences that makes it standout on its own.

I like to think I have given a good amount of effective review to my peers so far; which is something that has really developed during the duration of this course. In high school I always struggled at telling others what should be done to create an effective paper because I was more sensitive and afraid of hurting others feelings. Now, I have come to the realization of how

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