English Reflection

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Conor This project was very stressful. I spent many days frustrated because I was not understand English grammar. Eventually, I kept doing more essay when I was forced against my will. But, looking back at all the essays I did I realized I learned a lot. I got into a routine and I learned from all my mistakes. I was so proud of myself when I bassically had a perfect essay last week. As a 10th grader some moments were stressful when I was assuaged the essay. When I only had two days to finish an essay I was made I have a methodical approach when it comes to English editing. This project was negative and positive at the same time. The positives were I overcame stressful situations. I also learned that I am good at English editing. My time management skills improved tremendously. The negative aspect was I was always stressed out, sometime the time constrains made my essays not perfect. In general, when I was assigned English essays I was stressed out. English essays were worth 45 percent of my grade, and my goal was to exempt the English exam. As a student a person needs to realize that they can overcome the stressful situations of the essay by working hard. I knew that I could do any task. In my life I have had to overcome many obstacles in my life. As a 10th grade student a student needs to learn to overcome adversity. Since I have been forced to essay after essay I have learned valuable editing skills, I know how to use introductory commas correctly, and I also know

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