English Reflective Report

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During my first year of english class I had plenty of assignments that was expected of me every day, so I thought this semester was going to be even harder since it’s a higher and more advance level english course. Until the first day of class where we discussed about learning goals number 2 and 3 in the syllabus. They were almost the same as the ones listed on my english 104 and HA-96s course syllabus. Number 2 of the GELOS states that we need to perform the basic step of writing process, including prewriting, organization, composing, revising, and editing. Number 3 of the GELOS states that we need to be aware of what the purpose is, how to phrase the context according to who the audience is and how to effectively use rhetorical appeals.…show more content…
First assignment I had was the diagnostic essay during the second day of class. My professor gave us 10 mins to pre-write or brainstorm ideas that was related to the topic. From the pre-write it allow me time to organize and compose all my ideas together, into a thesis. After I received back this essay, I saw that my english had gotten worse, due to the lack of reading during the…show more content…
The Curious Writer had helped me understand learning goals #2 & #3 by providing examples, description and different scenarios to the topic. This allowed me to refresh my memory, of the basic writing process, grammars, and punctuation. Throughout this book it always bring back the two motive for writing which is to communicate and to discover. This book provided me with exercise that are similar to the ones I’m required to do while working on my in class or take home ‘essay. In chapter 1, they quoted that “Critical thinking and making connection between reading and writing is a good way for us to practice our writing by the influence of others”. This quote allowed me to easily connect to the prompt and writing structure that are given in class, because I would already had a understanding of what I’m required to do to receive full credit. My professor mention a lot about not thinking what to write, but writing what you are thinking. My professor gave us time to pre-write or brainstorm before our essay. This way it allow me to keep writing without worrying about grammars, sentence structure, or transition. This helped me a lot because it helped me to unfreeze my thoughts and write without any pressure and an open
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