English Reformation In Dr. Faustus And Everyman

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The Influence of the English Reformation on Salvation in Dr. Faustus and Everyman The English Reformation was a clashing period between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism during the sixteenth century. Thus, the Western Church split in two. The Roman Catholics remained under the authority of the pope and the traditional church; however, the Protestants rejected to be under the pope's authority forming their own churches. This change was correlative with the European Protestant Reformation, a religious and political movement in Europe that affected the Christian doctrine in that period as well. As the historian and theologian Kristen Poole said, "the Reformation would lead to wars and horrific massacres, as Catholic and Protestant regions clashed."…show more content…
If this was the case, then attaining salvation would no longer be a duty. After studying the English Reformation and the theories that shaped the idea of salvation, a close reading of Dr.Faustus shows that it was written post-reformation. Marlowe reveals in his tragedy that salvation is attained through Jesus Christ which backs up what the Bible says about redemption. In Faustus' opening soliloquy, Faustus omits the rest of the verse of Romans 6:23 which says"...but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord." This explains the ideology of salvation after the English Reformation. Repentance was a choice for Faustus in order to have eternal life, for the good angel told him "Faustus, repent, yet God will pity thee" (5.188). This shows how God is forgiving through Christ. Faustus' attachment to the Devil strengthens his belief that his destiny is predetermined and God won't forgive him for his sins. He ignores prayer thou his prayers would have been answered due to God's mercy. He did not accept Christ's gift of salvation that can save him. His refusal of Christ was also the refusal of salvation and Jesus'

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