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1.0. The Role of English in India:

English in India is a legacy from the British who colonized the country and their language permeated through some of the most important parts of society: the government, the media, the education system, the legal system and gradually the social sphere as well. India is a vast nation and in terms of the number of English speakers, it ranks third in the world after the United States of America and the United Kingdom. An estimated four percent of the population use English and even though this may seem like a small number that is about forty million people. This small segment of the population, controls domains that have professional and social prestige. With the influx of globalization English has
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Not only has it impacted print media but broadcasting media as well. There are several English news channels and several outstanding media courses offered at various institutions, which focus on journalism in English. In higher education, English is the premier prestigious language. A career in any area of business or commerce, or within the government, or in science and technology requires fluency in English. The English language is taught in schools ranging from the most elite private schools to small government schools because only this language is an acceptable medium of communication through the nation.

India has come a long way from the days of Lord Macaulay, who wanted “a class of people, Indian in blood and colour but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and in intellect.”(Macaulay’s Minutes on Education, 1835). English has a special status as a second language, an official language along with
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In countries like Yemen and Singapore, to give an example of two countries different in cultures and situated in two different continents, the teaching of English has received a utility orientation with emphasis on the teaching of the communication skills. The University of Yemen has many diverse courses in English designed to cater to the needs of the students specializing in different subjects. Before entry into the university, the students have to attend an orientation course with English as a subject. In Singapore, the Regional Language Centre (RELC) works for the improvement of English teaching as a second language and the National University of Singapore has an English Language Proficiency Unit. These nations have thus a clear perception of the role and teaching of English, which is manifested in the programs they have taken up to achieve this end. India will lag behind other nations, if she fails to perceive the new role of English in her long tradition of teaching

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