English Should Be America's Official Language

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Most Americans speak one or two languages. However, with 162 languages spoken in the United States, English is often not a common language. If America were to have a national language, it could create connections that can help the nation and stop the discrimination non-English speakers. A common language that is spoken in a nation can bring different cultures and traditions together. To have English as America’s main language can increase economy. People who speak English can find superior jobs as opposed to those of a non-English speaker. English is already spoken all over the world. Having it made official that America 's main language is English, the nation would benefit more from it than less. Having English as the official language of the…show more content…
Understanding English helps immigrants find better jobs, reducing poverty and increasing the nation’s economy. Upon immigration to any country, one of the first things one must do is find a job. However, if one cannot speak the language of their new country, many employers find it disadvantageous to hire foreigners who are not English proficient. In Blackwell 's article “English Should Be America’s Official Language” he says that “[people] who can speak English can compete for better jobs, with better pay,” as they have one of the most basic skills required for most jobs in America (par. 10). In fact, some employers are even requiring their employees to only speak English while on the job. Blackwell references The Salvation Army, stating “[they are] only requiring English in performing work duties, not what language workers use in the break room, and gives them a full 12 months to learn the language” (par. 4). This practice helps influence customers and future employees to learn the language, if they wish to associate with the clothing store, or other companies who are doing the same. Blackwell says “English is the language of American business and government, and people who want an opportunity to participate in either will need to master English.” The more the English speakers, the more the money. If all the customers and employees were able to speak the language with efficiency, not only…show more content…
In conclusion, English should be the main language spoken in the United States because of the social and economic benefits of the decision. With English as the single, common language of all Americans, immigrants, and expatriates, Americans could break down the barriers which stand between them. Having one common language could help improve life for all Americans. A common language that is spoken in a nation can bring different cultures and traditions together. With English as the official language of the United States, citizens would experience societal and economic benefits. Learning English will help more people understand and help the government and business industries. With one unified nation, prosperity and community between cultures would grow. All of which would lead to a more outstanding and organized
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