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A. Background of the Problem Language has a central role in the development of intellectual, social, and emotional learners. It supports the success in learning all fields of the study. Learning the language is expected to help learners to know them, their culture, and other cultures. In addition, learning language also helps learners are able to express ideas and feelings, participate in society, and use an analytical and imaginative ability that was in theirs. According to Crystal (2001), English is a global language. It means that English is used by people in all over the world as a medium of communication. In addition, Crystal (1997) stated that the English language spread and used nearly a quarter of the world's population and continues to develop into one and a half trillion in the early 2000's it. Until now, It is a language which is used by different countries in the international forum,
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Thus, the ability in speaking skill is a crucial and important part of second language learning and teaching process. The mastery of speaking skill in the English language is a priority for many second language or foreign language students. Even though periods of focusing on language form and enhance vocabulary are important in English language learning, but developing the students’ ability to really communicate with English in the classroom are the main goal of an English language teaching. At the end of the study, the students should be able to communicate effectively in English for study, work, and leisure outside the classroom. Therefore, it is essential that English teachers pay great attention in teaching speaking to the students. It is useful because the ability to communicate with foreign language, especially English clearly and efficiently contributes to the success of the students at school and success later in every period of students’

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