English Summer Flood Essay

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aforementioned discussion, because the phenomenon is not encountered in Romania and most of people have probably no idea of what a summer flood means in India. There are, nevertheless, inundations in the summer, in some regions, caused by the heavy rain. The areas close to a river are the most exposed as the river most probably will come out of the jelly. However, for the majority of children, summer flood means just a heavy, quick and fast summer rain, which will make the streets full of water for a small period of time, as a result of the poor sanitation. For this reason, Mihnea Gheorghiu is translating the idiom summer flood into “o ploaie torențială de vară”, which will mean in English summer rain storm. Substitution is understood as “a source-text item is replaced by a more or less equivalent target-text item.” (Schjoldager: 2008, 90). In the sentence “The motto of all mongoose family is […]”, the word family can be translated into the very similar Romanian word familie. The translator chose to use a substituent, a synonym, neam, which is more familiar to children and for them is closer in meaning to the source-text English word family. However, a substitution may involve a change in meaning. These will be considered modulations.…show more content…
This means we’ll be searching for differences between the ST and TT by: identifying cultural translation problems - intertextual reference; search for differences in translation made to keep the meaning (as understood by the translator); an analysis of the linguistic aspect, identifying differences caused by rules of syntax and morphology; stylistic translation problems-differences caused by certain stylistic procedures such as description, epithet, metaphor, etc. used in the source-text; identifying differences caused by elements that tend to be ambiguous if taken out of the context (Klitgård: 2008,
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