English Teaching Assistant Personal Statement

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Stephen Hill, Spain, English Teaching Assistant

I wish to undertake an English Teaching Assistant opportunity in Spain to peruse my passion for teaching and training. With the knowledge and experience I will gain from teaching in Spain, I plan to look for employment opportunities within the U.S. state department. Opportunities that would make use of my knowledge and experience with Spain would be of particular interest to me. I have been complimented on my patience and ability to explain concepts in different ways that accommodate multiple learning styles. In order to engage with students and help them to learn English I would use real world scenarios with a multi-tier approach, ensuring conversation, writing, listening, vocabulary, and grammar were all engaged. This will ensure an atmosphere where students act as a team for conversation and language analysis. I am applying specifically for a Fulbright scholarship in Spain because I have studied and received a degree in Spanish at Portland State University, and have participated in several study abroad programs in Spain. In addition I
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There are many of these groups, and the community really appreciates having a native English speaker. It allows people in the community learning English the opportunity to hear an American accent, and practice speaking with a native speaker. The language exchange also gives me the opportunity to be a cultural ambassador to the community. I will benefit from being an English Teaching Assistant because it will allow me to learn new teaching styles within a different educational system. In addition, living in Spain will allow me to immerse myself in Spanish culture and society, improving my Spanish speaking skills. It also creates the opportunity for me to network with professionals in the school, as well as the community for future
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