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ABSTRACT The aims of this article are to identify the types of method used by of student’s English department teaching English and technique of student’s English department to teach student of elementary school in course. The method of teaching English is very important because the method showed how effectively to teach student especially in English. Data was collected by questionnaires to several of student’s English department. The data was analyzed by using analysis the information. The result showed that the effectively their method to teaching English for elementary school student. Key words: the teaching method, elementary school’s student, English teaching. I. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Language is used as a means of communication…show more content…
They have any skill and method to teach English for elementary school student in course class. They have more experiences that another student who not doing a teaching job. There are Cahya, Ryen, Anggun, and Dyan. Putu Cahya Jaya Dirga as a private course teacher in his home since he was attended in English department, therefore he became as a teacher for one year. Rien Damayanti and Dyan Safira both of them become as a part time English teacher. Rien Damayanti as English teacher for four months, meanwhile, Dyan Safira two years as English teacher. Irma Anggun Arisandi become as the adviser in her course place for one year. Explaination about the method and techniques To elicit information about teaching methods, the Questionnaire asked respondents, "What teaching methods do you use?" Respondents were given several choices of methods in answering this question, including lecturing, small groups, games, and other. Lecture…show more content…
The lecture technique is most common to teach course class, where ryen and anggun of those responding stated that they use this method at least some of the time. The data may suggest that student of English department believe that the lecture method offers a quick and easy way to cover substantive material. Of course, it is assumed that the information "delivered" in a lecture is "received" by the students. The learning theories presented above, however, suggest that reliance on the lecture method (or entirely on any other method, for that matter) is not all that effective in light of the different ways students learn. The lecture approach, while convenient and effective in sending out information, may not be that effective in allowing students to absorb and use the information in an effective manner. Small Group This method, is generally defined as interactions in small groups comprised of two or more students. The student groups may resolve doctrinal issues, work out problems. The respondents indicated that they used this approach primarily to teach the children, where 2 of student (cahya and dyan) using it. This data can be viewed in different lights. Even in large classes, small groups can be an effective means of encouraging student involvement, interaction and conceptual analysis. Perhaps the larger number of students, and therefore the larger number

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