Teaching Foreign Language Analysis

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English language plays an essential role in all aspects of life. Teaching methodology must be hanged in school and college level. A lot of traditional methods have been changed recently. The education system has to be organized and make possible abilities and information by the activity based learning. Each teacher wants to encourage the students to active and make practice during class hours to achieve their Goals. If the students are motivated correctly then they participate in all types of activity in classroom. In this current Scenario, the teaching methodology has been adopted to all contemporary learners. The teacher is responsible for the organization of the Extempore, and dictatic situation. A teacher must construct aims and tasks,…show more content…
A modern trend of teaching English prominence a lot on the use of Audio-visual materials to attract the interest of the students. These are considered to be an integral part of the teaching of foreign language in the highly developed countries. The exercise of pictures, films and lingua phone records infuses a new life I their bones. A teacher who is considerably dedicated to this work. Taps up all possible sources to procure the required material. He harnesses the potentialities and capabilities of the students for the purpose.By giving oral practice such as reading newspaper, the students have an ability to pronounce the correct word and hear the spelling, vocabulary through it. As teacher, we can display some images through LCD Monitor, the students have to explain the content to others. By using Ancient method the students fails to attempt the classroom teaching. The conventional methods of educating language are now considered to be indistinct ones rather modern trend is very much inclined towards verbal practice. The modern trend is in teaching scientifically selected and duly graded structures and vocabulary. The teacher should not impart everything what so ever strikes his…show more content…
The most common platforms for mass media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the internet. The general public typically relies on the mass media to provide information regarding political issues, social issues, entertainment, and news in pop culture.


Newspapers are easy to be brought in the class in different subjects and courses, especially in history, geography, literature, language classes,etc. Some of them have valuable information for these subjects, but we should know how to find this information. Many libraries have systems of category according to the topics and issues and so its easy find information. If not we should spend a lot of time to find information. It is often said that “Academic success starts at the library”. There are different purposes and ways for using newspapers in language classroom. They may be used for the culture they transmit. The more widely students read, the greater their understanding of this cultural meaning will be. They may also be used for reflecting changes in the language as well, and in doing so, helping students and teachers keep up pace with such changes. Most newspapers are linguistically up-to-date and provide valuable linguistic data. They may be used for the wide variety of text types and language styles, not often found in textbooks. At the same time, newspapers provide
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