English Teaching Skills

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English is an important language to everyone. They used English language as an International language in worldwide for communicating. Therefore, English language is one of the main language tools that use in the Education system especially in primary school, secondary school and all levels of the universities and colleges. Moreover, English language comes up with four skills. By using these four skills, it’s helped a lot to the teachers because they can use these four skills with different strategies of teaching methods. In addition, teaching English language is a teaching multi structure task which requires different approaches and methods. In order to study a language either as a first or second language as a teacher we need to put a lot…show more content…
Chitravelu, Teh (2005) also mentioned that writing is the skill that most of Malaysians students feel difficult and they do not know how to accomplish the written tasks in proper methods .Usually this problem occurs when teachers often use teacher-centered method (traditional approaches) rather than student-centered with the students. It is commonly known that using traditional approaches able to develop writing skills whereby it focuses mainly on accuracy and ignores to a great extent the process of writing itself.
On the other hand, students also feel difficult to write an essay because they feel that the ideas that they want to express during writing are limited due to lacking of proficiency in the language and it will not perform a positive result in their examination (Firmansyah 2015). Furthermore, the English language had played a dominant role as a compulsory subject and medium of instruction in English medium schools which formed the backbone of the education system of pre-independence Malaysia” (Ambigapathy, 2001, cited in Voon Foo, 2007, p. 1). “Writing is such an important learning tool because it helps students to understand ideas that they will express during writing process and will be having a good concepts about writing” said by Voon Foo, 2007, p. 4. Thus, based on the importance of writing, all Malaysian policy makers have decided to emphasize it in their mainstream
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According to Cohen (1994) believes that cooperative learning can help students to learn and perform well in academically. They can acquire the content of the subject and indirectly able to enhance their higher order thinking skills creating hypotheses and making decisions. On the other hand, cooperative learning encourages students to find solutions for certain problems. Therefore, in cooperative learning environment students are allowed to help each other, discuss and argue about a certain topic with peers, allow to assess each other’s current knowledge and also fill in gaps in each other’s
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