English: The History Of The English Language

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1. Why we learning the English language?. 2. Why we teaching the English language? 3. Why when we see a panel for any announcement in the street it is wrote in Arabic and English language?
And the main question for me …
 Why the English language is the language if the world ?
I ask my selfie that questions because I want to know the truth about this controlling and the increasing of this language by the days.
But before answering these question I will talk about the history of the English language.
The history of the English language can be separated basically in three periods:
 FIRST Old English: Between 450 and 1150 a. C. English 's main characteristic was the fact of being a flexile language, like Latin, Greek and many other Indo-European languages. This period may be considered as a period of formation and growth of English as a new language spoken in Great Britain.
It was born out of the conjunction of several dialects of the Germanic tribes that invaded the territory after the fall of the Roman Empire, such as the Saxon, the Anglian, the Frisio and the Juto, specially from the first one. It also had the influence of other languages such as Celtic, Latin and Scandinavian. It had a great capacity to produce many meanings from one same word with only the addition of a certain prefix or suffix, feature that was inherited by today’s English language.
 SECOND Middle English: Between the years of 1150 and 1500 a. C. English suffered its most meaningful changes. In grammar
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