English: The Most Powerful Language In The Human World

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English is quite likely the most powerful language that exists in human society. No one can avoid being influenced by English, no matter where we are, English is always involved or been around somewhere. Furthermore, it is believed that people who have higher English education are more likely to have better life than others. Hence, English is the scheme, which measures whether people get qualified or they are capable to take an offer. However, it is potential that English will pose threat to certain languages when an increasing number of learning English reaches the peak due to globalization. So, it is possible people will abandon their native language while learning a second language. Besides, the more communities prefer English, the more will they disregard their native languages? Thus, the existence of English is like a two-edged sword, impacting on not only the…show more content…
Generally, Mandarin and English are equally significant. In many places, they are needed by the employee in order to serve their customers. For instance, clerks need English to deal with international business, the more fluent English you can speak, the more possibility that you can serve them well, then you get more potential to be promoted.
Second, English impacts on the frequency that people notice English. Nowadays, we acquire convenience and many interesting things via the internet. Especially, YouTube and Facebook helped the spread of English, people tend to share their comments in English regardless of where they are, discovering foreign video is also one of the attribution. In other words, English is also the language of technology and science (Pike, 2013).
Third, English is always around us. The film we see, the book we read, the music we listen to, are possibly issued in English. Those entertainments are associated with various cultures and stories. Meanwhile, we can gain knowledges from that instead of just enjoying them.
The tribal languages
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