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Assignment No 1 Sound System Of English Language The Sound Systems In any sound system there is a relationship between the sound system and the spelling system. In English sound system there is a relation between sound and spelling system. Nevertheless, the connection between sound and spelling is neither candid nor recognisable. If it remained, many of us could spell more exactly than we do. The sounds of English are not the same as the letters of English that is recognisable The patterning founded in the sound system of English is a reflection of physiology of the vocal tract. The English sound system make logic in footings of how sounds are made (and, mostly, for vowels, how sounds are supposed). The changing of air flow is the involve basic principle. When we make a sound, sound air moves through the vocal cords and passes out through the nose. As the sound moves, the air flow is changed through vibrating the vocal cords, by opening the velum to let go out through the nose, and by toning the air flow completely in the mouth. When the English sound system is understood, then it becomes less difficult to make sense of spelling system of English and it becomes possible to make some sense of the problems. There are 44 sounds in English sound system.24 sounds are known as consonants and other 20 sounds are known as vowels. Consonants Consonants can be defined in terms of three extents. Where the sound is

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