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BASIC BUILDING BLOCK OF SOCIETY HIGHLIGHTED IN FILM ‘ENGLISH VINGLISH’ CULTURE SHOWED IN FILM The film “English vinglish” showed two different culture. One is the typical south Asian culture which is a male dominant society where men and women are assigned different roles, man are supposed to earn for their family whereas women are handling the children and household activities whereas the other culture is western where women are independent and earning on their own. FAMILY The film ‘English Vinglish’ revolves around a traditional Indian housewife and how her world revolves around her family and household chores. The film highlights the importance of woman in South Asian Society who are not independent and how they dedicate their whole life…show more content…
OTHER HIGHLIGHTED ASPECTS OF SOCIETY IN THE FILM 1 It deals with the fact that how as humans we should be helpful and tolerant to those who don't speak our language or understand our culture that one shouldn't be made to think one's superior just because, the other one lack a single ability we are good at. 2 It also deal with the structure of the family and its importance. All these and more, told through a story about a woman finding her self confidence and self-esteem lost due to neglecting her own self while dedicating her life to her family. 3 The more obvious part highlighted is when Shashi( The Indian housewife enrolls herself into an English learning course to ease her conversational English in four weeks. There's Mr David (teacher)the teacher (whose sexually different and fall in the category of third gender in society again shows the differences in the human race and the need for accepting others how they are) and a motley crew of classmates from various parts of the world with a same issue studying together. From a woman who centered her whole life around her family, building a network of friends became something of a lifeline of sorts, in keeping life interesting through the sharing of

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