English Vocabulary Case Study

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The important key factor for most of the learners in second /foreign language learning is how to communicate and understand each other? These days, when it comes to English learning everyone would think unconscious to professional in all skills. Almost improves these skills_ listening, speaking, reading, and writing are important and cannot be ignored and requires vocabulary therefore, Vocabulary is also a primary concern in L2 settings because it plays a prominent role in classroom success (Krashen & Terrell, 1983). As it is argued by Read (2000), words are the basic units of language, out of which larger structures such as sentences, paragraphs and the whole text are formed. But, the most problems are how learners should acquire vocabulary…show more content…
To achieve this goal, the researcher decided to conduct this study. It will hope that the results of this study would change the teaching and learning of English vocabulary. This study is worthwhile as it can clarify the ambiguities and difficulties in implementing the key word method In the field and paves the way for the other studies. It can also be used as a guide for the coming…show more content…
As the purpose of the present study is to investigate the use of particular techniques to improve learning vocabulary and enhance the vocabulary retention level.
 As regards the keyword method is more beneficial to students’ vocabulary learning, teachers are encouraged to adopt this method to increase students’ vocabulary teaching. It can be applied to either young or adult learners with high or low proficiency.
 Developing the students vocabulary allows the teacher to use more descriptive words to better communicate. Memorizing and Understanding The meaning of more words helps the learners to improve their understanding of information that they are reading or listening to, thus increasing their retention.

2. Literature review

The origins of the key word

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