English Writing Skills

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1.1 Introduction
In this chapter, I will first discuss the background and objectives of the study. Then I will discuss the problem statement and research questions and finally I will discuss the significance of the study and the operational definitions of terms used in this thesis study.

1.2 Background of the study
In the English language classroom, the teacher aims at developing the four language skills of the learners in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Writing in the Malaysian language classrooms is inevitably an important skill and therefore it has become the focus of instruction. Students need to master this skill because it is used every day for a number of reasons. Students learn different genres of writing like descriptive,
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In order to ensure that students successfully master the writing skills, teachers need to employ methods and approaches which produce positive outcomes in the students learning. Teachers are sometimes out of idea on how to teach writing to the students interestingly. They do not implement the latest approaches or methods that are used nowadays to attract the students’ attention in writing. Many students find it difficult to do the intense and active thinking that is needed for a proper writing convention. It is frightening for them to sit down before a blank sheet of paper or computer screen and know that an hour later, nothing is written on it. They feel frustrated to discover how much of a challenge it is to transfer their thoughts and feelings from one’s head onto the page. Constant spoon-feeding by the teachers is one of the trends in schools. They would provide everything and expect only the end product without looking at how the students write it. The purpose of the study is to explore the effectiveness of using process writing approach to help improve students’ writing performance in English. It is also to explore that process approach can be used as a catalyst in teaching language generally.
1.4 Objectives of the study
The main aim of the study is to find out whether process writing approach can
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It has not been given enough emphasis and attention in the learning of writing process to the students. Instead of giving the writing topics to the students individually, we can help them go through the process of writing stages. This research hopefully will assist and allow teachers to improve the writing skill of students. It will also help students to build their confidence using English in their writing and also in their communication. Teaching through this method would be equally interesting for both the teachers and students. This study will benefit the teacher because it will be a guideline for the teachers to determine the specific difficulty encountered by the students in acquiring English. The teachers can find ways to improve their teaching methods. Moreover, students will show high level of enthusiasm, curiosity and involvement in being taught through process writing approach. The studies conducted on the incorporation of process writing approach showed that the approach is effective to improve the students’ achievement in writing.
1.8 Operational definition of terms
1.8.1 Process writing approach
Process writing is an approach to writing, where students focus on the process by which they produce their written product rather than on the product itself. In the end, students need to complete their products, but the writing process itself is stressed more. Pre-writing
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