Engstom: Effective Communication In The Workplace

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Engstom: Case Study

Companies big and small at one point in time come face to face with an issue or two. The business owners, the managers and even the employees can be affected. In the workplace there is actually no such thing as “perfect” communication. There can be two types of communication, negative and positive. Positive communication is understanding what is being said and negative communication is not understanding, it is that simple. Depending on the situation “negative” communication is most common; such communication usually resides between managers and employees, which can cause a minor or major downfall within the organization depending on the occurance.
I have not had many jobs since the start of my college career, however, one job in particular has stuck in my head. After I finished high school and began to start college, I worked in a warehouse. It was called drugstore.com, it was an online drugstore warehouse of course; there I would pick and packed the items of the shoppers choice. Like I stated before all companies have their own problems and drugstore.com was no different. The warehouse had many organizational
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Coworkers left and right were getting promotions after not even being there for a long period of time. Rumors began to spread like wild fire; she slept with him, he slept with her, etc. When it comes to sexual harassment in any setting, women endure the highest amount, especially in the workplace from little verbal comments to slight touches. While such things occur some women are unaware that is a form of sexual harassment. While on the job I too endured sexual harassment by an older gentleman. He would say and even try to do things that many would consider highly inappropriate and like so many women I did not report

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