Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Case Analysis

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HRM Solutions A. The analysis of the certain problems on the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant revealed a considerable number of questions and solutions which are directly connected with the HRM segment. Some of them have roots in the nature of human behavior, others appear in the analysis of the work of the company and its organizational culture. These include the following issues, such as the loss of support of higher management level, when the senior managers did not thoroughly explain to all employees that their full and fair participation in the analysis work is critical to this process. Unfortunately, these concerns were often ignored in the business. Supervisors, and well as their employees, were not involved in the development and…show more content…
The scrupulous initial analysis. Initially, the needs of the organization, corporate culture, and factors of the external and internal environment should be evaluated. The basis can be SWOT analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and dangers facing the organization or analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, legal environment and the environment in which the organization operates. Particular attention should be paid to obtaining support from senior management. In this regard, it is necessary to prepare arguments that can convince the heads of departments, as well as the employees in general. That means the dissemination of intentions and their rationale and the participation of stakeholders in the formulation of the strategic plan. What is next, it is necessary to assess the potential obstacles to the implementation of the strategy, especially those related to indifference, hostile perceptions of the resistance to change, and a lack of supporting processes or resources. The action plan should clearly show what needs have to be done, who should do it and when it should be completed. It is desirable that there should be some preliminary plan that would show the stages of implementation, the resources and timing of each stage and the whole program. The new HRM strategy on the plant will the programs that may be required. That includes consultations, participation, information dissemination, and training. Therefore, one of the most suitable options is to choose the concept of management through motivation. This model relies on the study of the needs, interests, moods, personal goals of employees, as well as the possibility of integrating motivation with the production requirements and objectives of the enterprise. It is important in this approach to hiring the leaders
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