Enkidu's Character In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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The epic tale of Gilgamesh is about an astonishing protagonist on a quest for immortality. On this quest, Gilgamesh becomes a changeable character of one seeking knowledge. The character development represents the meanings to be human by having death, friendship, and power. At the beginning, Gilgamesh character style displays him as an antagonist, but, later on, becomes the protagonist. The theme helps develop the idea of Gilgamesh’s character as a bittersweet tale of a man’s failure to a quest. Gilgamesh becomes a virtuous character by his development, love, style and theme that help transform him from a tyrant to a hero. The development of Gilgamesh’s behavior gradually changes by the motivation of love. His personality was viewed as a conceited, self-centered tyrant. Enkidu’s love motivates a change in Gilgamesh to become more humble and sincere person. In the beginning, he is presented as a bully for his inappropriate behavior as a king. The modification in Gilgamesh’s behavior presents his diffidence and morality throughout the epic. Enkidu becomes Gilgamesh’s influence of being functional and he is easily persuaded by love. The Epic of Gilgamesh represents love as a force that carries loved ones closer together to astonish the power of the immortal gods.…show more content…
Love motivates Gilgamesh into a better man by his friend Enkidu. When Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh changes into an ignorant man for wanting immortality. In the end, he learns that cannot be avoided and immortality is nonexistent. His character moves from antagonist to protagonist as the story continues. The theme of the tale sounds bittersweet towards his life and Enkidu’s death. Gilgamesh’s heroism arises from the flaws that he removes and becomes a better king. The story of Gilgamesh exposes a desire to remember the hero’s vastness and a responsibility to learn from his
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