Enkidu's Death: The Story Of Gilgamesh

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Back then, when Gilgamesh died, he became very famous. His story was the first story ever recorded. Archaeologists found the tablet in the ruins of the palace of one of the Assyrian kings. Gilgamesh loved his city by heart and when he had a battle with Enkidu, he lost. When Gilgamesh was about to fall of the wall, Enkidu saved him. After the battle, Gilgamesh and Enkidu became best friends. They went on many quests and journeys to protect their kingdom. When Enkidu died, GIlgamesh went on a huge and final quest to find the secret of immortality. Not much time after Gilgamesh died, people were telling stories everywhere. Nowadays, many people are listening stories about this legendary human who lived in Mesopotamia.
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