Enlightened Sexism In Advertising

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Advertising draws a certain type of customer. If the advertising is based on the attention of a certain population, then we are back to what people think. In the past, modesty and respect were characteristics of people. No one would be caught even looking at the things advertised today. Over the past 50 years, our country has gone from The Brady Bunch to the Kardashian’s. This leaves me to wonder did our nation lose its moral code? Should we have a moral code? Of course, the efforts of women to escape oppression have changed our world. However, women escaped oppression and became another target. The target of desire and lust became the next set of chains for a woman to bear. Women went from a protected weak mindless vessel for men to an unprotected mindless weak vessel for men.…show more content…
If a woman used her voice to demand respect, most people would stop disrespectful behavior. However, some women do not know how to respect themselves. Therefore, they allow people to treat them disrespectfully. The tragedy of sexism is a twofold problem. The way society views women and the way a woman represents herself. In “Enlightened Sexism” author Susan Douglas restates a comment cited in her paper, “While enlightened sexism seems to support women’s equality, it is dedicated to the undoing of feminism.” (Douglas 2010, P. 285) Society seems to continuously devise a system to separate
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