Enlightenment And Imperialism

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The Enlightenment and Imperialism completely revolutionized how people look at the world and what they think of it. These two major events also helped to bring light to determine how free the world is today. The freedom of the world can also be determined by modern-day resources such as Freedomhouse.org. The cycle of securing individual freedoms has been heavily impacted by the Enlightenment, Imperialism and the drafting of the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen. The Scientific Revolution is what lead the people to a new way of life, a life where they were valued as well as their ideas in society and in government. The Enlightenment was influenced by the development of the Scientific Revolution to use logic and reason to challenge accustomed beliefs. Before the Scientific Revolution, people were blindly following the church and believing everything they said. They lacked the freedoms of speech, religion and they did not possess any knowledge of their own. The Scientific Revolution, the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation led the people to a new age of intellectual pursuits and new outlooks of the word that differed from the Church’s. Culturally, it affected the Enlightenment because it caused people to lose faith in the Church. The people started to question all of their teachings and intentions that then later lead to the Enlightenment that then later provoked the French Revolution. These new philosophical ideas came from very influential early Enlightenment
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