Enlightenment In The Film Wit, Vivian Bearing

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Clayton Guzdial
WC 7
17 January 2016
During the Enlightenment period, Immanuel Kant, a philosopher, discovers a problem from his philosophy that humans can only be classified in one of two categories on how they live their life, faith or reason. In understanding and connection with the movie Wit, Vivian can only live out reason and knowledge. In the film Wit, Vivian Bearing is a english professor who is ths diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. With this, it leads her to a depression of sadness at the hospital. Meaning, when she notices that she doesn't get any visitors she looks to her past life moments and wishes she was nicer to people. During the film Wit, Vivian lays down on her hospital bed and reflects back to a time of one of her teachings. At the end of this teaching, one of her students comes up to her and asks for an extension for his paper because he needs to return home after his
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Meaning, if someone were to watch a lot of violence, they start to become violent. The consequence of a human living out the Enlightenment worldview of reason is that, that human doesn’t experience love, emotions or meaning towards things. In Wit, Vivian reflects back to one of Evelyn’s teachings from the John Donne’s poem, Death be not Proud. Evelyn, Vivian’s mentor and teacher, shows her the point that she’s missing from this poem and talks about what death truly is. Evelyn tells her, “And death shall be no more, comma, Death thou shalt die.” She further goes on saying, “It's a comma, a pause.”After the lesson, Evelyn assigns Vivian to go and hang with friends instead of going back to the library to rewrite her paper. However, Vivian did not listen and went back to the Library. She took this poem as knowledge and information rather than meaning. With all this mind Vivian regretted what she did in the past and wished to be more on the faith side than
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