Enlightenment Summary: Self, Life And Enlightenment

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Self, Life and Enlightenment
It is comforting for us to feel that we know ourselves enough to function optimally in any given situation without having to introspect further than we deem necessary for immediate survival. We would rather not go around digging things up that we prefer to forget anyway. Let sleeping dogs lie, if it’s not broken let’s not fix it sort of attitude especially if we were managing without it so far. Some are on a genuinely successful growth path making great successes of almost all aspects of their lives. Regardless of where we are, our current lifestyles success levels are directly dependent on how much we really know ourselves. The differential between the actual and authentic us primarily account for the lifestyle we lead today. Our mental, spiritual, emotional, soulful, psychological and physiological capacities are directly influenced by our self awareness levels.
Who we are is told by our life stories, those that we tell as they relate and correlate our true life stories. They have a clear distinction with our life histories. Ivor Goodson’s view is that a life story is what we tell ourselves and others about our life but a life history is a life story located within the historical context. How does either of these two impact on the process of comprehensively authenticating our states of being and knowing who we are, how we function, react, think, create, innovate, love, hurt and desire? How do we continually story and re-story our life

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