Enlisted Soldier History Case Study

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1. What date did Congress authorize the establishment of a Medical Service? In your words, explain the importance of this move. Congress approved on 27 July 1775 the “Establishment of a Medical Service” in the United States Army. ("AMEDD/NCO Enlisted Soldier History," n.d.) This is important because it provided personnel to support to our troops medically. By augmenting personnel from the front, it raised the conditions for our maimed and ill. Without acknowledgement from Congress, we would have remained riflemen with an extra duty of litter bearers and gravediggers reaping additional deceased. The agreement I feel was the tip of the spear for us as medical leaders. 2. What is General Order #29; tell us what the significance of this order is to you? General Order #29 is “An act to organize the Hospital Corps of the Army of the United…show more content…
("AMEDD/NCO Enlisted Soldier History," n.d.) Education and experience were trial by fire for the initial medical NCO’s. Even though the Surgeon General numerously requested training for these soldiers, it did not happen until General Order #29. The attrition rate for tested stewards was high as 600 attempted and 24 succeeded. Training was introduced at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia during WW1. The first formal training for NCO’s was in 1924 at Carlisle Barracks. Medical replacement centers were at Camp Lee and Camp Grant in 1941 to introduce special training. The Women’s Army Corps came to be in 1944. Fort Sam Houston was expended as the Medical Field Service School in 1946. 1950 saw an increase of personnel to support the conflict in Korea. From the short time, I have been an NCO. I was educated at Fort Sam Houston for Drug and Alcohol counseling. In Garmisch Partenkirchen for Traumatic Event Management and now online for ALC. This goes to show our humble beginnings to the complex medical command we have
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