Enoch Powell's Rivers Of Blood: Cautionary Speech Against Immigrants In The United States

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Enoch Powell’s Rivers of blood cautionary speech against immigrants is perpetual and strongly impacted the British population in 1968, and still impacts us today, since immigration is once again an issue. For example, some text headlines from internet websites written in the 21st century read ‘Why Enoch Powell was right’. Rivers of blood focuses on the issues related to immigrants, such as integration, racial and religious differences, and their possible takeover of the country. Through the comparison of the immigrants from the 1960s and those of today, we can see that while both being from different centuries and still having their differences, they experience the same issues. In 1968 the immigrants sought better economical privileges and a better life, they were mostly people from the Commonwealth, an organization assembled of mostly former British territories. Whereas the immigrants nowadays mostly come…show more content…
The ‘communal rights’ that they wish to have today are different than in the 1960s, the predominant one is the wearing of the veil, which is presently causing an uproar. Most newcomers each have religions and cultures that differ from the country they emigrate to, and with different religion comes different rituals. Thus, the locals fail to understand the immigrants and tend to fear them. Additionally, newcomers now experience a new problem, terrorism, making locals fear them even more. Some Europeans confound immigrants with terrorists because they have the same religion and fear that these have infiltrated the flow of migrants. Immigrants who have moved to Europe, develop the struggle of being torn between the culture from their birth country and the one they live in. Furthermore, mentalities have changed over the years, not only from a political point of view but also from a social one. A lot of non-profit organisations have targeted the issue and are trying to help migrants to settle down in their new country and Cross-culture marriages are happening a

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