Is Enoch Powell's Rivers Of Blood Cautionary Speech Against Immigrants?

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Enoch Powell’s Rivers of blood cautionary speech against immigrants is perpetual and strongly impacted the British population in 1968, and still impacts us today, since immigration is once again an issue. For example, some text headlines from internet websites written in the 21st century read ‘Why Enoch Powell was right’. Rivers of blood focuses on the issues related to immigrants, such as integration, racial and religious differences, and their possible takeover of the country. Through the comparison of the immigrants from the 1960s and those of today, we can see that while both being from different centuries and still having their differences, they experience the same issues. In 1968 the immigrants sought better economical privileges and a better life, they were mostly people from the Commonwealth, an organization assembled of mostly former British territories. Whereas the immigrants nowadays mostly come from North Africa and the Middle Eastand they hope to not only have a better life but also to escape war or political issues. . If Enoch Powell were to pronounce his speech at the present time, his claims could still be relevant today, even though they are presently, by many, considered as racial prejudice. They are still applicable, since we now face mass immigration with similar problems but amplified compared to the immigration situation in 1968. As we can see the problem persists, nothing has changed. As a result, this has the potential to create the issue of making young immigrants feel rejected and lesser of…show more content…
If Rivers of blood were written in today’s era, it would still be fitting, however immigration presently is slightly different as a new issue has arisen, terrorism, that is regularly used to discriminate immigrants. This shows that the issues of immigration have not been resolved and have in some way

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