Enough By Suzanne Buffam Summary

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“Enough”, by Suzanne Buffam is an odd tale in the form of a poem, showing how someone is questioning life while in a depressing mood. The first few stanzas include melancholy lines and a sense of indirect somber portrayed through an action and a statement. A major tone shift follows with a feeling of equivocalness with the narrator questioning one’s self and life. Buffam uses strange metaphors, questionable line placement and the feeling of doubt and curiosity to portray “Enough”. The poem includes several different tones and examples of imagery to give the reader a true sense of what this poem is supposed to mean. Many of the metaphors used are presented in such a way that deems as strange or mistaken for. The narrator starts off the poem with a somber, thoughtful statement: “I am wearing dark glasses inside the house To match my dark mood”. To be wearing dark glass inside of the house is strange enough in itself as it makes their vision of the world that much darker. This is due to the literal sense that in…show more content…
They show the narrator’s thought-provoking opinions and indirect form of imagery. Though not describing something tangible or visible they create a vivid image of what it means to try and hide something behind words. That the more words they know to talk about their private sufferings the less so they have to confront it since it is behind a wall of words that may not even be true. The last two lines of the poem, “A train whistles through the far hills. One day I plan to be riding it.” , exhibits a picture of a train in rolling hills far away while whistling and gives the reader a sense of determination. This is a change from the narrator’s second-guessing tendencies in the middle of the poem. With this comes change, change that shows that the narrator felt that their current lifestyle wasn’t
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