Enrique's Journey Analysis

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A mother and her child will always have a special connection, depending on situations. Many people are willing to put up the biggest fight to share moments with their mother, many are willing to change filthy habits to keep relationships. In the novel, Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nozario, a man puts his life to the test by making a trip from Central America to the United States on foot to find his mother, Lourdes. Surviving the impossible, he is reunited, but is confronted by many conflicts with Lourdes . Leaving behind a girlfriend and a child was a large step, bad habits were formed for a second time after arriving in the States, causing Enrique to want to return back to Honduras. After work away from his mother, he misses her so he returns to her. Coming home from working he has come to realize that he will stay in the United States, and work to fix the many problems. In the novel, the author states, “He (Enrique) begins to make plans to move from North Carolina to Florida. He does not want to live a part from his mother anymore” (Nozario235) Clearly Enrique has come to his rightful conclusion of his love for his mother. Aside from all of the hardships he and his mother went through in such a short period of time, he still does not want to leave her. Enrique claimed…show more content…
The novel reads, “ He’ll go back to Honduras when she is six, even if it is for a brief visit, and he has to make his way back illegally “(Nozario). Enrique seems determined to be apart of his daughter’s life, regardless him leaving her and her mother. The only problem Enrique is facing is how he will get back to Honduras because he will have to go through the same obstacles, but will have to go back and forth, giving him an uncertainty of making it. Although he went through the hardship of getting to America, Enrique is eager to still help and send money or to even eventually bring his family to the United
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