Essay On Whistleblowing In The Workplace

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If I were the staff of Enron Company, there are few ways I would handle the situations. First, staffs need to know how managers of organization frame problems under the influence of the organization to ensure that they can be morally responsible in an organization without getting hurt. The staffs should also understand the method of acting effectively, safely in the organization effectively. In other words, it is crucial for staff to understand the organizational culture of the company. Normally, organizational culture is by owners, high-level executives or person in charge of the organization. If the organization treasures success and productivity more than moral and ethical concepts, staff would likely follow this principle in making decision. Hence, understanding the organizational culture allows us to be aware of such blindly obeying organization action. If something fishy was spotted, there are few ways to disobey the organization.

In order to disobey, or in other words, protest, it is good to remember two points about disobeying organizational decision. First, the principles that
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Disobedience by protest is the most famous way of organizational disobedience. When disobedience by nonparticipation is not convincing as mentioned above, whistleblowing is required. Whistleblowing is an action which someone exposes facts that the organization does not want to be known to the public or authority though disapproved methods. Whistleblowing can be categorized into internal whistleblowing and external whistleblowing. Internal whistleblowing indicates that the exposure of wrongdoing stays within the organization but might without informing the direct superiors if they are involved in the wrongdoings. On the other hand, external whistleblowing is the situation where the whistleblower exposes information outside the organization, alerting a regulatory organization or the
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