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The event I attended was called Enter Helen. It was about a book that was written based to the life of Helen Gurley Brown. The event was very small and held at a bookstore named Powerhouse, which is located in Dumbo Brooklyn situated between the Brooklyn and the Manhattan bridges. I really liked the location that was chosen to host the event since it had breathtaking views of both the bridges and the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. At the event they served wine however I did not partake since I had just came off of a twelve hour shift at work and was also driving. The event had the author of the book (Brooke Hauser) in attendance as well as several other people such as Ana Holmes and Rachel Syme. Also scattered throughout the audience were people who were either friends or relatives of Helen Gurley Brown. The author of Enter Helen has written for The New York Times, Allure, Marie Claire, and Glamor as well as several other publications. Anna Holmes has also written for The New York Times, The New Yorker, InStyle, and is the founder of Jezebel.com. And lastly, Rachel Syme is a reporter, an editor, and…show more content…
She was the author of the book “sex and the Single Girl” and was also the first to discuss sex in a woman’s magazine. The author told us that Ms. Brown was an outspoken advocate of sexual freedom for women and that many believed she had a major role in the sexual revolution. I also found an article about Ms. Brown in The New York Times that states that she was also named the most powerful American over the age of 80. The New York Times described Ms. Brown as “self made, sexual and supremely ambitious they also stated that she looked great, wore fabulous clothes and had an unabashedly good time when the clothes came off. Brown empowered women to embrace their sexual urges and was one of the most recognized magazine and book
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