Entertainment In Ancient Rome

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During ancient Rome entertainment is an essential part of the daily life of the people. They are very engaging with all sorts of sports and activities which includes swimming, horseback riding, board games, wrestling and much more. Also Romans have plenty of public baths, villas and amphitheater that kept them entertained every day. The most popular entertainment of all time was held in the famous amphitheater called the Colosseum. This historical building is massive, it has impressive architecture and engineering of its time. It is one of the greatest and largest building in Roman times. The amphitheater was built to hold over 50,000 spectators who wanted to see various kinds of events that are put up for the day. There are many event stage…show more content…
He says that pleasure is not just pleasure of the body but also pleasure of the intellect of the feelings, imagination, moral sentiment have higher value of pleasure than those of mere sensation. A low happiness is one that doesn't last long, quality of the pleasure is shallow or pleasure that does not give a pleasure that last long. This means that happiness is not based in quantity but quality. The roman government indeed creates an entertainment that is pleasurable to its people. But we have to consider what good did it creates, how long the impact last, what moral pleasure they get out of it. Mills theory indicates this kind of pleasure is not really something that people would be beneficial or this is just a shallow pleasure. Something that we called a mean time pleasure. Let us also consider not only the viewer's point of view but also the unwilling participant of the event. The act created pain for this people, knowing that you will be place in a battle of your life creates unhappiness and distress. There will be no sense of fairness and justice. If we take all this views in consideration we can say that the Romans action are

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