Entertainment In Brave New World Essay

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Entertainment Controls Them All Huxley has a theory of entertainment as control and we can see it throughout his book Brave New World. The fact that his vision was made years ago, makes this vision even more interesting, because knowing that entertainment has a big impact into our society for the book reveals similar forms of entertainment to control it’s people. The ways that the book was created has brought to conclusion that our society is controlled by entertainment. Our society has become a trivial culture preoccupied with entertainment. In Huxley’s book, there is a society called the World State, that is controlled with their different types of technology for example feelies, a theatre that broadcasts smells. “‘ If young people need distraction, …show more content…

In the World State Mond states “ Our civilization has chosen machinery and medicine and happiness. That’s why I have to keep these books locked up in the safe.” (234). To maintain the citizens happy the Controller decides to ban history before Ford. In our society we are been restricted knowledge in schools. We are told that we are the land of the free, but in school we are taken many rights. We’ve been told to put our trust into the government, but only to realize false hopes. We are told to follow the books, but realize that they too are filled with mistakes. We are told to help the school by fundraising to grow our education, but then get fined because it’s illegal to sell during school hours and to strangers. Even though they do their best to educate us, they too are restricted on teaching us too much for it “doesn’t go with the school’s study plan,” we seem to have liberty to know all but at the end we are left empty. Postman’s vision has implied in every way into our society, we are giving information after it’s been censored and edited. Huxley even support’s Postman’s vision by stating in his book, “Nothing like oxygen- shortage for keeping an embryo below par,” revealing that they’ve been sugar coating everything for it’s all measured to keep us happy and entertained with the technologies of the

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