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Entertainment is the act of entertaining that can amuse individuals as it captures attention and provides a delightful feeling or a pleasure to them (Online Etymology Dictionary, n.d.). There are varieties of entertainment; it could be classified in terms of mass media, visual, audio, physical activity, usage of products or gadgets, a destination or an attraction, an event and et cetera. Brunei has provided many entertainment facilities for its population however, there is a diversity of entertainment needs for each individual of the population and not all of them are fully met (Travel Dojo n.d.). This essay will explain the issues of entertainment in Brunei, view the positive and negative feedbacks from both tourists and locals and to discuss…show more content…
Sharia Lawis the teaching of Islamic principles that was derived from the Holy Quran that involves certain restrictions to hold a modest and conservative image for the country. One restriction is that Muslims are not allowed to participate in anything that considered unlawful under the Islamic Law for instance, indulging in western entertainment. (Sharia Law Basic Concept, n.d.) This will lead to the lack of entertainment diversification to be provided as international acts have acknowledge the implementation being brought out in Brunei therefore they are fully aware of the restrictions. In addition, a number of international acts do not support the Brunei Sultan’s decision which result to negative reactions from the public globally (Saeed & Ghilan, 2014). The global reaction have made Brunei infamous which disintegrated the Brunei’s image. Sharia Law is not the only cause of Brunei’s infamous status, Brunei used to have complications with the Copyright Law that landed them a place in the US Watch List for Intellectual Property Piracy in 2011 to 2012 (Kirk, 2012) due to the existence of Kedai Komunis that has provided illegal copies of media entertainment for the public to purchase. This infamous recognition caused Brunei to have a bad reputation which prevents international acts to tour or perform in Brunei as they are protective of their product being pirated (Artist Unite Against Piracy,

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