Entertainment In The Roman Empire

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Even from the earliest times, humans have figured out ways to entertain themselves. From playing hand games to watching sports, as times changed, so did recreation. Methods of entertainment have varied over time in different regions of the world. Ancient civilizations had tremendously different aspects of entertainment compared to those of the modern world. One example was the Roman Empire; it exemplified fascinating methods of the citizens’ entertainment. All representing Roman culture, the primary sources of entertainment in the Roman empire were gladiatorial matches, theatrical performances, and chariot racing. The Roman Empire owed much of its inspiration for sports, gladiatorial contests, and executions to Etruria, Campania, and Luciana. Historians have researched how gladiatorial fights came to Rome for hundreds of years. Researchers have pointed to extremely old places such as such as Etruria, Campania, and Lucania (Connolly 2003, 68). These regions contained art in caves that portrayed humans battling with weapons and armor. In addition, research suggested that human sacrifice and chariot racing in Rome also came from Etruria, Campania, and Luciana. The Roman empire adapted much of its culture from Etruria, Campania, and Luciana, but the Romans are…show more content…
Even though it was frowned upon, multiple Roman emperors participated as charioteers in the races. If not, emperors were still involved in organizing the races. Much like gladiatorial matches, the Roman rulers used chariot racing as an outlet to gain popularity and portray important cultural values to other leaders (Emmons, 2017). Roman rulers were involved in the chariot races, gladiatorial matches, and attended theatrical performances, all events that were primary sources of entertainment and important aspects of Roman
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