Entertainment In The Victorian Era

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Victorian Era Entertainment The Victorian Era lasted for 64 years while Queen Victoria reigned. Entertainment was a huge part of this time because they did not have the modern technology we have today to keep them amused.The Victorians had many forms of entertainment such as sports, different pastimes, toys, and many various hobbies. There are many different eras throughout the years, but the victorian era is by far the most interesting. Foremost, one big form of entertainment in the Victorian era, was sports. Not only playing, but watching as well. Some traditional sports commonly played were cricket, football, and boxing. The more popular games that were played were bicycling, croquet, lawn tennis, roller skating, and horseback riding.…show more content…
The more wealthy children would have brightly painted, wooden rocking horses in their nurseries. Girls would usually play with dolls. These dolls were typically made of wax or china and dressed in satin, taffeta, or lace. The dolls were considered to be the most beautiful dolls in the world. Along with their dolls, the girls might have a dollhouse to go with. Girls would also spend some time learning how to sew. They would practice their stitching by embroidering samplers. The boys might have been found playing with lead or tin soldiers and later on, clockwork trains became more popular. (“Victorian Era Hobbies &…show more content…
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