Enthusiasm: Henry Ford's Feelings, Emotions And Ideas

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An American automobile manufacturer Henry Ford once illustrated enthusiasm as “the sparkle in your eyes, the swing of your gait, the grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and the energy to execute your ideas (Biography.com Editors).” Carrying exuberant emotions, enthusiasm reflects upon peoples’ appearances and behaviors, which drive them too tirelessly accomplish their goals. Enthusiasm motivates people to work towards their objectives instead of idling around. The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines enthusiasm as a strong feeling of excitement (“Enthusiasm”). These feelings can ultimately arouse determination, as it stir up peoples’ desires to pursue their ambitions. To further prompt people to complete their task, enthusiasm reveals the advantages of it. Moreover, this trait adds two unique expertise in peoples’ personality: one to comfort the distressed, and the other to positively influence others and the surroundings. Therefore, Enthusiasm, which includes determination, not only empowers people to persistently accomplish their work, but it also blesses them with a joyful character too change peoples’ lives. Determination, an often result of enthusiasm, causes people to never give up. Regardless of pessimistic events, enthusiasm shows the virtues in peoples’ goals, which encourage them instead of dragging them down. For example, although Paul perceived the imprisonments and persecutions waiting for him in Jerusalem, he still declared, “I consider my life

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