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Academic Year 2016-2017 Semester: Spring
Branch: Jordan Program: Business Adminstration
Course Title: Entrepreneurship and small business management Course Code: BE322+
Student Name: Hala Saleh Abdulla Maghnam Student ID: 2130829
Section Number: Tutor Name: Dr. Hayel Fakhoury

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Allocated Marks Questions Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total Weight 50 25 25 100 Marks

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After that I will suggest other options to get through the slow off-season. Finally I will advise about the social media tools should the owners use and explain how they should put them to work.


The first idea was closing on Mondays and Tuesdays, the slowest days, and trimmed their staff to decrease expenses. This idea will decrease administration cost & operation costs (electricity, water, salaries, …etc.) but this contain many disadvantages, close two days in week as the customers getting used to find the restaurant closed and they will search for other restaurants, but it is ordinary to have one day holiday for restaurant. This day must be known for customers as owners announcing on the main door about this holiday in addition to the website or
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The most important point is being proactive and predicting your off-season slum can make all the difference. (Li)

Introducing new products at the right time during slow season will help to arrive to high sales in the peak season, this will allow to customers the enough time to try product and make their judgment, test customer reaction, potential defect and the talk at the new product for their friends and relatives “word of mouth”

It is an excellent idea to stay on top of social media: it is very important to maintain your social media platforms in the off season. If they know that the business is slow, it doesn’t mean to reduce the presence on social media, customers are still checking their social media, so the owners must make an effort to stay up-to-date year round, and predict the interest of customers as trying to make “award” on social media and announcing on the owner, upload season-relevant recipes, predict the questions of customers and answer on it.

Another way is to offer discounts and promotions; make sure to promote the products, it is a great way to bring the attention to restaurant with discounted products, free delivery and
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