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Paper Titled Need of Developing an effective training model for nurturing Entrepreneurship Education in the Management schools Submitted for International Conference on Computers and Management (ICCM) 2015 Composed by – Ms.Kajal Kapoor Research Scholar Poornima University, Rajasthan E- Mail: kjlkapor@gmail.com Mobile: 09828115353 Need of Developing an effective training model for nurturing Entrepreneurship Education in the Management schools Abstract: The management of the university plays the significant role in setting up the direction and progress of the entrepreneurship program in their respective schools against the number of challenges it might face in managing resources to support its needs. Training programs introduced for…show more content…
Introduction: Entrepreneurship education is a new and recent trend in the development in courses of management that have gained formal recognition in higher-level institutions. Entrepreneurship courses are making out their way into formal education as subjects or full degree courses. Entrepreneurship education is highly interactional and experiential and the course requirements are mostly on end product and result oriented. Teaching management students to become entrepreneurs takes a different set of acquisition, vision or sensitivity and ways of teaching to coordinate, motivate and occupy them to. The unique characteristic of the student needs and the course needs implicate particular teaching skills to match the both. In this case primary need of the comprehend tools is to address and match these needs is to first conduct an assessment of the qualities, skills, methods and techniques and other factors that are important to students, educators, and management of the university. In the 21st century the emerging youth is facing new challenges of the learning dynamics. There should be proper linkage between modern communication technologies and proper teaching methodologies, which the emerging youth is well versed to but a good number of education providers are…show more content…
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