Women Empowerment Of Women In Bangladesh Essay

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and cultural restrictions for women in Bangladesh, including the tremendous odds surrounding the socio economic order.
One of the most obvious reasons to promote women leaders in Bangladesh is that they control the majority of household spending so that they are more likely to understand the customer’s perspective. Women are better at building long term relationships that can benefit a business tremendously by achieving trust between employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, government. Promoting entrepreneurship is the main strategy for economic growth in many local and national governments as a driver of innovation.
Initially business was initiated by the educated upper class man. Then educated women followed and left a remarkable footprint. Many uneducated women today are conducting micro ventures to raise and re-invest in their family earning. They also inspire other women of their locality and promote entrepreneurship at the grass root level. They are breaking social stereotypes and setting an example.
The women in Bangladesh appear to be most disadvantaged portion of the
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Personal qualities such as hard work, commitment and perseverance, management skills and marketing skills are helpful for their success. Moreover, supports provided by their spouses or family remains at the heart of the success of the women entrepreneurs. The degree of involvement of women in mainstream economic activities low and the percentage of women in business is still much below that of their male counterparts. This disappointed especially in rural settings. There women lack facilities in term of access to credit, provision of skill training, and access to

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