Entrepreneurship Literature Review

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2.1 Introduction This chapter will review the previous research and selected literatures that are relevant to entrepreneurial intention, self-efficacy, entrepreneurship education and family support, entrepreneurial intention together with related models and the theoretical framework that explains how these variables are interrelated with each other. Literature review will lead to a better understanding of the problem (Sekaran & Bougie, 2013) and based on the literature review, a research framework will be formed and presented.
2.2 Review of Related Literature
2.2.1 Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship Upon the definition of entrepreneur, there is no precise definition of it although there is quite a number of definitions came across by different
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On the other hand, it is understandable that the elements in entrepreneurship or any other aspects related to it can be taught through the utilization of business educators and professional skills which will eliminate the myth which saying that entrepreneurs are born, not made and this all supported by the introductory and increasing numbers of specialized entrepreneurship courses in tertiary education (Solomon & Fernald,…show more content…
3) Perceived behavioral control.
It has two aspects which highlights in how much person control over the behavior and how the person feels confident about being able to perform or not perform the behavior (Ajzen, 1991)

The theory indicates that the higher the attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control of an individual, the higher the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur. Krueger, Reilly and Carsrud (2000) also argued that TPB is considered as one of the leading theory in terms of robust and validity.

2.4 Research Framework
Several authors have come out with several different models in analyzing the entrepreneurial intention. As for this study, the research framework has been adapted by this model by the previous

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