Dual Relationships

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Environment and Development: Dual Relationships Environment plays vital roles in the pursuit of a better life. It also serves as the key driver and sustenance of national and global economy growth. This is because human environment consists of interrelated and interdependent surroundings (natural, physical and material) that influence the well-being of the people, organization and institutions that made up the society (UNCTAD, 2013). For instance, it is the environment that supplies the resources (materials and non-material) and other conditions which people and organizations depend on to survive, produce and function optimally. The financial, material, human, social and natural assets, including water, air, soils, plants and animals are produced by the environment (Atolagbe & Tanimowo, 2006; Solaja, Omobowale & Alliyu, 2015). Thus, environment is the source of all resources required for achieving desirable development. It is impossible for any country that allows it industrial or domestic activities to operate at…show more content…
Theory of Pollution Control sees environmental pollution as a social hazard and lack of care for the environment that mostly occurs from uncontrolled man-made activities and natural events. However, TPC focuses more on man-made activities that are altering the natural composition of the environment and its resources. It postulated that when environmental resources such as land, air, water, and raw materials are common shared by multiple users and they are being extracted for economic and social purposes without any legal control it leads to over exploitation and misuse of environmental resources which in turn result in environmental pollution (Ostrom, Dietz and Stern, 2002; Helfand, et. al.,

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