Environment And Social Norms Essay

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Have you ever wondered what influences caused you to turn out the way you did? Whether it’s your environment or your family or other attributions, values seems to have the most impact by teaching what is right and wrong. Your environment is what you grow up seeing on a daily and social norms are what you grow up thinking is acceptable by society 's standards. An individual 's environment and social norms have the most influence one’s perspective because it results in one to question their acceptance or belong within society and persons often do what they see or what they think will get them accepted by society faster. A person 's environment can have an influence on the way someone turns out because your environment is something that you are involved in and constantly coming in contact with. In the story “Thanksgiving: a personal history” by Jennifer New shows a perfect example of that.”I definitely couldn’t pan out far enough to see that i was just a teenager yearning for a bigger world a change of pace.” Another example of that was proven in “Where worlds collide” by Pico Tyler. “The great american stage line, the movies shuttle, the transport, ride-4-you, and 42 other magic buses waiting to whisk them away everywhere from bakersfield to disneyland.” …show more content…

In the story “Matrimony with a proper stranger” by Miguel Helft. “but while in the old days parents had complete control over matchmaking, contemporary arranged marriages are more like what Rajiv and Vandana experienced parents may still seek out suitable partners for their children, but the children have much more say in the matter.” Another example of that was proven in “Where worlds collide” by Pico Iyer. “The blue skies and and palms trees they saw on tv are scarcely visible from here just an undifferentiated smoggy

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